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Akshaya trutiya offer

Akshaya TrutiyaDear viewers:

RR Fashion Jewellery wishing you all Happy Akshaya trutiya in advance.
Akshaya trutiya - It is known as AKTI or AKHA TEEJ. It falls on the third  Lunar Day of Bright Half of Vaishaka month ,signifies "Third day of unending prosperity".Akshayatrutiya which comes once in a year may vary either in the month of April or May base on the Lunisolar.

Sanskrit meaning for the word Akshaya Trutiya:
Akshaya: "imperishable, eternal, the never diminishing - Prosperity, hope, joy, success".
Trutiya: "Third lunar day of the spring month of Vaisakha"

Some Do's on Akshaya Trutiya:

* Chant Bhagavat Gita
* Annadhana -Distribute Prasadham
*Start your new venture.
*Buy New things that you dream to own
*Donate towards charitable causes.

RR Fashion Jewellery
*Akshaya Trutiya offer Flat20% discount. 
* 400 worth product is for Rs 320.

See the below video for the products on offer Pearl Chain, Blue beads chain and pair of Checked bangles.

We are makin…