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Akshaya trutiya offer

Akshaya Trutiya

Dear viewers:

RR Fashion Jewellery wishing you all Happy Akshaya trutiya in advance.

Akshaya trutiya - It is known as AKTI or AKHA TEEJ. It falls on the third  Lunar Day of Bright Half of Vaishaka month ,signifies "Third day of unending prosperity".Akshayatrutiya which comes once in a year may vary either in the month of April or May base on the Lunisolar.

Sanskrit meaning for the word Akshaya Trutiya:
Akshaya: "imperishable, eternal, the never diminishing - Prosperity, hope, joy, success".
Trutiya: "Third lunar day of the spring month of Vaisakha"

Some Do's on Akshaya Trutiya:

* Chant Bhagavat Gita
* Annadhana -Distribute Prasadham
*Start your new venture.
*Buy New things that you dream to own
*Donate towards charitable causes.

RR Fashion Jewellery

*Akshaya Trutiya offer Flat20% discount. 
* 400 worth product is for Rs 320.

See the below video for the products on offer Pearl Chain, Blue beads chain and pair of Checked bangles.

We are making artficial and customized jewellery  using silkthread, Beads and crystal.
 Jewellery which we are making are bangles, necklace, chain, Bracelet, Nethichutti and so on.

We can customize your jewellery - size,pattern and colour. Free Delivery in Chennai.

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Products and Ordering Details To Enquire or Order: Call or Send a WhatsApp Message to 9551547189. Fashion Jewellery is a trendy option nowadays. It looks beautiful, is quite inexpensive, and it can be easily customized to suit your garments.

The materials I use for making the fashion jewellery are Silk Thread, Polished Metal, Pearls, Beads, etc.
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Checked Bangles Model 113 -Review

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For making this bangles I use 2/8 size Kada bangle which suits to me. The available sizes are 2/2, 2/4, 2/6, 2/8, 2/10.
I took a yellow colour as the main colour and in addition, I used four more colours to make the checked bangles. For decorating the bangles I used Kundan stones, stone chain, ball chain. The pair of two bangles which costs Rs: 400/-
In the same way, I made one more checked bangles of the same pattern using only two colours that is Black and White and for Decoration instead of Kundan, I used half pearl which is apt for the main colour.

Another colour combination from the same
checked bangles using three colours. Royal blue as the main colour. Red and golden colour used to make checked design. And for decoration three colours of Kundan stone, stone chain and ball chain were used.

I can customize the checked bangl…

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RR Fashion Jewellery's Products around Rs.250/-
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