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Products of RR Fashion Jewellery around Rs.250/-

RR Fashion Jewellery's Products around Rs.250/-
Silk Thread Bangles RR Fashion Jewellery's product come in a wide range of prices.
Here you can see some of the images of handmade and customised jewellery priced around Rs.250/-

Silk Thread Earrings
These items are made using silk thread and beads. The jewellery includes Bangles, Earrings, Necklace, Headband, Chain and so on.,

Beaded Jewellery
These silk thread jewelleries suits to all type of dresses as you can customize the jewels to match your dress. Beaded jewellery also suit to all the dresses.

Casual Jewellery

For ordering: ClickHere.. To view other products click the page links on the top and get more new models.

Silk thread and Beaded Necklace SBN:151

Silk Thread and Beaded Necklace

RR  Fashion Jewellery's Silk thread and Beaded Necklace SBN:151.
This Necklace is made using silk thread wrapped cylinder shaped plastic base , pearl beads, golden balls, stone rim, jhimka cap and loreal.
SBN:151 which costs Rs: 600/- You can customise the colour as per your wish. 

For matching Earrings 
For ordering the product Click Here..