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Silk thread head band for kids and teens

Head band-Hair accessories

Headband wore in the hair or around the forehead.
It mainly helps to keep the hair away by not disturbing the face and eyes.
It should be either made of elastic or horseshoe-shaped plastic or metal base.
Headbands come in different shapes and sizes.
It can be used for fashion or utilitarian purpose.
Anyone can use the headband to solve many issues on the hair.
It helps to control sweating also.
Kids, ladies, players, physical trainees, gym-goers, and even some gents also use these for the purpose of fulfilling their needs.
There are many materials used for headbands such as wood, leather, plastic, metal, fabric, hemp and so on.,
It could be plain, decorative, thin, thick and so on...
Below, you can see the customized headbands which are handmade by me using horseshoe-shaped plastic, silk thread wrapped and designed using beads, stone chain, stone lays and so on.,
The headband HB: 153, I made using a plastic base, wrapped with black silk thread and des…