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Products and Ordering Details

Products and Ordering Details To Enquire or Order: Call or Send a WhatsApp Message to 9551547189. Fashion Jewellery is a trendy option nowadays. It looks beautiful, is quite inexpensive, and it can be easily customized to suit your garments.

The materials I use for making the fashion jewellery are Silk Thread, Polished Metal, Pearls, Beads, etc.
(Kindly mention the Product code you are interested in. It is available in all product images)

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Silk Thread Bangles

Silk Thread Necklace

Silk Thread Earrings

Beaded Jewellery

Casual Jewellery
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RRFJ'S Valentine Day Discount

Valentine's Day

Dears of RRFJ😍
We are happy to give a discount on the day we share our 💕
"Valentine's Day" *V-Day10%*
🎁 customised jewellery to surprise your lovable once.
We make you happy with discount On every 🛍
Offer valid till Feb-12' 

We do make jewellery like bangles, necklace, chain, earrings, headbands, latkan...
we make jewellery with materials like silk thread, beaded, crystals and so on.. 
Almost 60+ products have been made by me and those are customised, modified, hand made jewellery. 
Please have a look at and select the products Which you wish to gift to your loved once. 
Send the screenshot and we are happy to make those and deliver it to you. 
Additional delivery charges apply... 
For ordering/enquiry -  Ph/whap :9551547189.

Silk thread head band for kids and teens

Head band-Hair accessories

Headband wore in the hair or around the forehead.
It mainly helps to keep the hair away by not disturbing the face and eyes.
It should be either made of elastic or horseshoe-shaped plastic or metal base.
Headbands come in different shapes and sizes.
It can be used for fashion or utilitarian purpose.
Anyone can use the headband to solve many issues on the hair.
It helps to control sweating also.
Kids, ladies, players, physical trainees, gym-goers, and even some gents also use these for the purpose of fulfilling their needs.
There are many materials used for headbands such as wood, leather, plastic, metal, fabric, hemp and so on.,
It could be plain, decorative, thin, thick and so on...
Below, you can see the customized headbands which are handmade by me using horseshoe-shaped plastic, silk thread wrapped and designed using beads, stone chain, stone lays and so on.,
The headband HB: 153, I made using a plastic base, wrapped with black silk thread and des…

Products of RR Fashion Jewellery around Rs.250/-

RR Fashion Jewellery's Products around Rs.250/-
Silk Thread Bangles RR Fashion Jewellery's product come in a wide range of prices.
Here you can see some of the images of handmade and customised jewellery priced around Rs.250/-

Silk Thread Earrings
These items are made using silk thread and beads. The jewellery includes Bangles, Earrings, Necklace, Headband, Chain and so on.,

Beaded Jewellery
These silk thread jewelleries suits to all type of dresses as you can customize the jewels to match your dress. Beaded jewellery also suit to all the dresses.

Casual Jewellery

For ordering: ClickHere.. To view other products click the page links on the top and get more new models.

Silk thread and Beaded Necklace SBN:151

Silk Thread and Beaded Necklace

RR  Fashion Jewellery's Silk thread and Beaded Necklace SBN:151.
This Necklace is made using silk thread wrapped cylinder shaped plastic base , pearl beads, golden balls, stone rim, jhimka cap and loreal.
SBN:151 which costs Rs: 600/- You can customise the colour as per your wish. 

For matching Earrings 
For ordering the product Click Here..

Kundan Necklace

Kundan Necklace

Kundan Necklace KN:150. I made this Kundan Necklace for Kids and Teens. It looks stylish and attractive.
It suits to various dress materials like Pavadai Sattai, Half Saree, Saree and so on.
There are 29 kundan stones used for making the chain and some jump ring to connect the stones.

Adjustable Link chain with the hook, where you can adjust the height of the necklace.
Kundan Necklace which Costs RS.300/- can be modified with the available colours.
It suits to all the functions and occasions.

Raksha Bandhan - Personalised Photo Rakhi

Personalised Photo Rakhi
Here in the above is the poster for Personalised Photo Rakhi. Share your sibling photo, gift the customised rakhi and celebrate Raksha Bandhan.
The prize for the Rakhi:1. Round shaped photo rakhi on top-Rs.160/- (velvet balls)2. Square shaped photo rakhi on middle-Rs.99/- (round beads)3. Square shaped photo rakhi on bottom-Rs.140/- (name letters)Note:
Shipping will be added excess based on the location from Chennai. It takes 3 to 7 days from the date of order - for us to make the Personalised Photo Rakhi and shipping.

RR Fashion Jewellery wishing you all a Happy Raksha Bandhan in Advance

3 in 1 pearl beaded and golden balls chain

3 in 1 chain
3 in 1 Pearl beaded and golden balls chain BC:149 which costs Rs. 200/.

Pearl beaded chain is designed to wear in three ways.

Its for kids and Teens.

The chain is made using pearls, golden balls and chain.

Its looks pretty , simple and gorgeous.

It suits all clothes.

For more info. Click Here